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Amazon’s HQ2 Search Is About Politics, Too What Accounts for U.S. Dominance in Aerospace, and Is It Sustainable? Angeloueconomics Visits Shreveport-Bossier as Site Selectors Rockford, Ill., program moves police officers into the neighborhoods they patrol AE Client, C3 Presents, is Keeping Festivals Safe IBM is Still Shaping Austin’s Tech Sector Angelos Angelou Presents on Mentoring Entrepreneurship at LiveXchange Measuring the Economic Benefit of 2016’s ACL Fest Angelos Joins Panel at LiveXchange to Discuss Brexit and NAFTA Negotiations AngelouEconomics Measures Economic Impact of Bathroom Bill The Cities at the Forefront of Global Tech The Chief Architect Of Austin’s Tech Revolution Is Betting On This New Population 2017 Economic Forecast focuses on transit, housing, and jobs Economic Impact Analysis of The Trail Austin, TX ranked #7 on Top 20 List for Educational Attainment Consultants: I-41 cities must invest in talent AngelouEconomics: Specialized in Economic Development & Site Location Angelos Angelou Offers Insight into Texas Auto Industry Growth in Houston Chronicle Article AE’s Community Progress Index Mentioned in Wisconsin Public Radio News MARKET OUTLOOK: A Win for Wind Power A Site Selector’s Guide to Green Energy “The Thrilling But Troubled March of American High Tech” in Expansion Solutions Magazine AE Project Manager, Tim Shea discusses, “What Really Makes a Successful City?” in Governing Magazine Can Micro-Housing Solve Austin’s Affordability Problem? Medical Devices Give New Life to American Manufacturing Austin, Texas, can show Brisbane the way to music William Mellor of AE Discusses the Economic Impact of Austin Music Festivals in the Courier Mail SXSW 2016: 21 Greek Startups Chased Their Luck in Texas Atlantic County’s job search starts for economic development leader Fellow Angelos Angelou delivers 2016-2017 Economic Forecast 2016-2017 Economic Forecast Local economics expert calls for new policies to shape Austin’s future Transit, affordability concerns mount in shadow of Austin’s hyper-growth Are Low Oil Prices Good For Texas? This Economist Thinks So Vital Speeches International Includes Angelos Angelou in January List of Top 10 Speeches Governors Ball brings in $50M in benefits to NYC How Foreign-Born Workers Spark Innovation and Employment Greece Needs More Business, Less Politics Angelos Angelou on Greece: Less Politics, More Business Key AE Report on Atlantic County Hailed as “Solid Blueprint” Could this idea spur economic growth in Atlantic County? Atlantic County prepares for AngelouEconomics report on fixing local economy AE to Roll Out Strategy for Atlantic County Angelos Angelou to Speak at Smart Water Summit Lincoln’s Sports Tech Sector Primed for Future Growth AE Study Touts Economic Benefits of UT Sports Texas Athletics major revenue contributor to Austin and state of Texas Innovation in Economic Development North and South Carolina: Diverging Paths to Economic Development Borderplex Region Taps its Tourism Potential AE Client Lincoln, NE’s Tech Sector Set to Grow Greece Needs Less Politics And More Business AE Client Borderplex Alliance Makes Real Gains Boardwalk project the kind of small step Atlantic City needs Mayor Beutler Outlines Big Goals for City MARKET DIRECTORY: Economic Winds Blow Far from the Source Orlando Can Celebrate 13 Years of Good Luck, Thanks to the NEC and its partners U.S. Cities Keep Flirting With Casino Dreams Chief Executive 2015 Western United States Economic Update Atlantic County Preliminary Presentation Austin Economic Forecast Changing Venues Atlantic County economic adviser: Focus on entrepreneurship Economist Angelos Angelou to bring back his big Austin forecast — but in a new venue International Accelerator Program Brings Foreign Startups to Austin How Gridmates is Crowdsourcing Electricity to Eliminate Energy Poverty - TechRepublic Angelos Angelou Appears on KUT Radio Why Texas Cities Should Offer Tax Incentives Three Startups Join the International Accelerator Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Monthly Labor Review AE Rolls Out Strategic Plan for Juarez, El Paso, and Las Cruces % Change in Employment by Metro Area 2008 - 2015 Angelos discusses Austin trends at the 30th and Final Economic Forecast Austin-area expectations high heading into holiday shopping season What should we make of Austin’s housing boom? Angelos discusses the trends with FOX 7 AE promotes new industrial development and entrepreneurship in Butte-Silver Bow, MT AngelouEconomics in the Community Impact News Angelos’ Analysis on Employment Makes International Impression AngelouEconomics Featured on KVUE with 2014 - 2015 Forecast AngelouEconomics Partners with Baltimore Development Corporation on development of Strategic Plan Lincoln Nebraska Economic Development Strategy Demonstrates Profound Impact AE’s Economic Impact Study for Midland Energy Tower Makes the News AE develops story for Expansion Solutions Magazine Housing Market News - The Economic Engine Accelerates Toward Recovery AngelouEconomics in “The Economist” job growth forecast for 2013 Austin economist forecasts strong growth Austin’s boom to continue through 2014, economist says Angelos Angelou in the New York Times Economist predicts 130,000 to move to Austin in two years Chamber set to unveil its Opportunity Austin 3.0 Austin Struggling With Population Boom Government added 700 jobs in Austin during 2012 Austin entertainment industry ‘underappreciated’ Economist: Apple poised to employ more Austin workers than Dell Forecast: Austin will continue to grow Real estate is Austin’s hot commodity; Is it too late to buy? Making Rockford work on menu tonight for Rockford leaders Consultant’s study offers remedies for Rockford’s ills RAEDC to consider 15 ideas to diversify Rockford’s economy How do we make Rockford world class?


How to Fill a Trillion Dollar Hole (Part 1) - Congressional Budget & Economic Outlook The Value of Professional and Business Associations The President’s Trade Policy Appears to be Working, But… AngelouEconomics Releases its 2018-2019 Economic Forecast for the Austin and Texas Economies Growing U.S. Debt What’s in a Number? GDP Edition Staying Ahead of the Trends: An Introduction to Creating Community-Level Economic Development Metric Is a Private Fix to U.S. Healthcare Coming? Demographic, Economic, and Social Characteristics of DACA Recipients Never Underestimate the Power of Human Ingenuity Apple vs. Amazon: Who’s Got the Better Deal Walmart Wage Hikes: Shrewd Business Move, Caving to Public Pressure, or Cynical Propaganda? Yes. Five Stories We’re Watching in 2018 Which Texas ZIP Codes will be Impacted by the $10,000 Limit on State and Local Tax Deductions? California’s Minimum Wage Law is Flawed (but NOT Because It’s Raising the Wage) Dissecting Policy: Understanding Economic Incentives Bitcoin Blitz: The Rise, Fall, Rise, Rise, Fall (and Rise?) of the World’s First Cryptocurrency Are Video Games Really Underpriced? Forecasting, Huh, What is it Good For? Indian Startups’ go global! Occupational Licensing and the Rhetoric of Public Safety, Part 3 of 3 What Do Site Selectors Look for on Your Community’s Website? AngelouEconomics Economic Impact Study Press Release on SB4 Occupational Licensing and the Rhetoric of Public Safety, Part 2 of 3 Why This Tax Reform Provision Could Make Your Business Taxes More Complicated Occupational Licensing and the Rhetoric of Public Safety, Part 1 of 3 Is It Time for a Military-Style Education System? Amazon’s HQ2 RFP Reveals What Type of City the Company Values Behavioral Economics Reaches Important Milestone: the Nobel Prize Make New Friends, But Keep the Old The [Opportunity] Cost of Repealing Obamacare Tax Reform: Tax Based Incentives for Home Buying The Marketplace of Ideas is Indeed a Marketplace The Advantage of Regional Economic Development Alliances Amazon’s HQ2: An Upside Down Take on Site Selection How Much Do Immigrants Actually Cost Taxpayers? Will your Tax Rate Increase Under Tax Reform? The Keys to the Economic Vitality of Main Streets Tax Reform: What Does it Mean for Texas? Petra Nova: Incremental Progress in the War on Carbon Have We Hit Peak [Craft] Beer? The Secret to Rural Communities’ Economic Development: Colleges and Universities Why Bother with Economic Impact Studies? Will Automatic Voter Registration Fix our Democracy’s Woes? Separating Plausibility from Fantasy: the Conservative Approach to Economic Impact Analysis A Dream Denied The Times They are a Changin’: a Populist America in a 21st Century World Developing Places: One of the Many Hats for an Economic Developer America in 241 Digits For Immigration Policy, Perception is Reality The Economics of Electric Vehicle Sticker Shock (and Why They Might Soon be the Affordable Option) Why Your Community’s Proposal isn’t Getting You Short-Listed What the Heck is Full Employment Anyway? Q1 2017: How Is Austin Performing So Far? Solar, Coal, and the Not-So-Easy Calculus of the Paris Accords Withdrawal “Rightsizing” Governance: A Brief Look at Alternative Models for Regionalism Legislating For Not-So-Civil Rights HB 100: Legislative Overreach or Cost-Reducing Practicality? The Economic Cost of Immigrants Is State-Sponsored Immigration a Way Past the Politics and Red Tape? How Budget Airlines May Impact Regional Airports Taxes, Growth, and the Wrong Side of the Laffer Curve Is Your Community Workforce Ready? Boom or Bust: The Importance of Economic Diversity An Initial Impact of AI: Jobs Airlines’ slow shift to Alternative Fuels The Economic Impact of Bathroom Bills Reading Between the Lines: President Trump’s Infrastructure Plan The Governor’s Cup: Texas Snapshot Train Them & They Will Build: Workforce Development & the Next Generation of Advanced Manufacturing Progress, Prosperity and Happiness IEDC Annual Conference 2016 Meet Annie Meet Our Associates Is Your State Smart? The Problem with Pigou (Part 1) Was “The Force Awakens” Really the Biggest Movie Debut Ever? OPEC, Credible Threats, and the Noble Sacrifice of American Oil (With Apologies to Ian Malcolm) The Economy Finds a Way Black Friday…on Thursday? AngelouEconomics Blog: On Hollywood and Money, Part 17.5 Winning with People, Winning in Business: Three Stories,One Point The Law of Diminishing Debates? On Marijuana, Boy Bands, and American Democracy AE’s Top Halloween Costumes: A Helpful Guide Of Media and Markets The Hidden Crisis that the Healthcare Debate Ignores Putting the TPP in Context China’s US Treasury Sell-off Defying Predictions The Impact of Refugees on Modern Western Economies Atlantic County Knows About Climate Change Alaska’s Vulnerable Economy Papal Visits: Economic Boon or Bust? What’s Next for Atlantic County, New Jersey Volkswagen Bruised But Not Beaten AE Report Shows Impact of National Entrepreneur Center 23 Greek Startups Chasing “the American Dream” in Austin, Texas Girls in Tech: 5 Greeks You Need to Meet at SXSW in Texas AE at the 2nd Annual Greater Austin Asian Chamber Awards Banquet Texas Surpasses California as Leading Tech Exporter

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Smart State Index Delivers First Comprehensive Digitalization Assessment 2016-2017 Economic Forecast With Angelos Angelou And Keynote Speaker John E. Silvia, Chief Economist Rockford Region Diversification Plan Endorsed by Regional Economic Development Leaders $210 Million Data Center Campus to Be Built in Pflugerville, to bring 170 High-Paying Jobs


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