Being agile and nimble are qualities we pride our team on. We have an impressive ability to see a need for a change and then redirect the ship’s course.

We do, however, apply the following principles to every project we undertake as part of the AngelouEconomics approach:

AE Lab
This is our internal laboratory where we improve techniques and discover new best practices. AE Lab gives our team a structure where they can develop and exchange breakthrough ideas ranging from round table discussions of economic issues to unusual challenges facing a client to refinement of new techniques for analysis and decision making. We have found that AE Lab is indispensable in keeping us as one of the leading innovators in economic development and site selection.
Best Practices
The world does not stand still. We have to develop best practices to keep us a step ahead. AE is continually reviewing best practices and the benefits that we can add to our clients’ projects.

Therefore, the AngelouEconomics approach is always cutting edge incorporating the best in economic development, economic impact, and site selection.

AngelouEconomics is not a one-trick pony that is only capable of delivering strategic economic development plans. Rather, the AngelouEocnomic approach brings a team of exacting professionals who apply their considerable skills and knowledge across multiple functions, making them a valuable asset on any project. When clients partner with AngelouEconomics to take on a new challenge or unravel a complicated issue, they get an experienced guide that knows where to look and what questions to ask.
Continual Support
Even when the job is over, it isn’t finished. No matter the project, AngelouEconomics provides continuous support long after everything has been successfully executed. Over the years we’ve built many valuable client relationships based on this premise and expect to build many more in the years to come.
Community Focus
A cornerstone to the  AngelouEconomics approach, we understand the value of building a consensus. As part of the AngelouEconomics approach, we’ve found that engaging stakeholders and the public is invaluable to a project’s success. The insights and support they provide are essential elements that can help smooth the path to a project’s completion.

The Wall Street Journal recently ranked Greater New Orleans as the fastest improving economy in the USA. It was the analysis and strategy development from AngelouEconomics that created the road map for this remarkable journey of recovery.

Michael Hecht
President & CEO, Greater New Orleans, Inc.