Site Selection

AngelouEconomics will work closely with you through all phases of the site selection process. This includes site location, incentives negotiation and facility expansion assistance. Since companies can locate virtually anywhere, we help evaluate and narrow the possibilities to the best sites for you.

Site location services include:

Site Identification and Analysis
AngelouEconomics works closely with you to review site alternatives in the U.S. and abroad while providing a critical analysis of your options.
Essential for corporate facilities groups seeking to explore what alternatives exist and their impact on the bottom line.
Site Certification
The AngelouEconomics team prepares you for future construction requirements.
Incentives Negotiation
AngelouEconomics team is available from initial discussion to final commitments with local, regional, and state economic development entities.
Economic Analysis of Site Alternatives
AngelouEconomics provides a weighted analysis and isolation of factors that could be affected by incentives.

In all my years of data center activity, I never worked with a more professional team that serves best their clients by integrating technology, real estate, policy and financial modeling.

Peter Gross, PE
VP, Mission Critical Systems, Bloom Energy