Economic Impact Studies & Analysis

Our economists put their years of experience performing comprehensive research, analysis, and forecasting to work for you. The team at AngelouEconomics illustrates how your activities will impact the local economy today and tomorrow, or the effects of a new base of operations in a different location.

Economic Impact Studies & Analysis Services include:

Festival & Event Impact Modeling
Whether you run a business convention that brings a couple hundred people to town or you organize major festivals that draw hundreds of thousands, AngelouEconomics can craft an economic impact study to measure your contribution to the local economy.
EB-5 Visa Economic Impact Analysis
Every EB-5 application requires an economic impact study to validate the minimum job creation requirement. AngelouEconomics has created a proven report template and methodology that has been approved by the USCIS with 100% success.
Economic Impact Studies for University Departments & Systems
Colleges and universities create a significant and unique economic impact within the communities they serve. AngelouEconomics has crafted economic impact studies for entire university systems as well as single departments within a college.
Economic Impact Studies for Non-Profit Organizations
Economic impact studies are a great way to show the economic contribution of an organization to the local community. By quantifying that local economic impact, AngelouEconomics has helped non-profit organizations sustain and even increase funding levels.
Economic Impact Studies for Private Sector Industries & Businesses
In addition to increasing funding opportunities, economic impact studies can improve relations between private and public sector parties by detailing the economic benefit of your company to the region in terms of jobs, wages, and total economic contribution to your community.
Return on Investment Analysis
A return on investment (ROI) analysis and economic impact assessment is the perfect tool to determine the efficiency of your organization and validate the efficacy of your program to board members or stakeholders.

AngelouEconomics is a tremendous resource for us…to work with them and understand the trends in the industry, where people are locating, where they’re building factories and why, and who all of the key players in Austin and around the country are.

Chris Daverse
Manager, External Affairs, Sematech


Case Study: National Entrepreneur Center

The National Entrepreneur Center (NEC) in Orlando, FL was founded in 2003 as a way to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and the organizations that provide services to entrepreneurs. While the NEC does not offer services to entrepreneurs or small businesses, it facilitates the organizations that do. Currently housed within the NEC are 12 member organizations, referred to as resource partners, that have a primary function of providing assistance to start-ups, small business, and entrepreneurs.

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Case Study: University of Texas Athletics

Texas Athletics is a major economic contributor to Austin and the state of Texas. Texas Athletics manages 20 intercollegiate sports teams, approximately 200 home events per year, and more than 500 student-athletes. The department employs approximately 350 people with a median salary of $53,864.

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