CASE STUDY: Jacksonvile, Florida

A Closed Naval Base

Becomes a Commerce Hub

AngelouEconomics recommended a primary target industry of distribution and logistics and developed a marketing strategy for increasing the presence of distribution and logistics companies and regional headquarters at Cecil Park.

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Case Studies:  Economic Development, Economic Impact, Site Selection

AngelouEconomics brings a wealth of experience, fresh thinking, and delivers results for our public and a private sector clients. Read our case studies, by service, to learn more:

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Case Studies in Economic Development & Strategy

Case Study: Galați County

AngelouEconomics collaborates closely with Galați County to execute a thorough market assessment, a vital step in understanding competitor cities and regions. This assessment, guided by insights from Galați’s stakeholders in government and business.
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Case Study: Beaumont 2024 Economic Strategy

The Beaumont 2024 Economic Development Strategy reflects the community’s potential and resilience. Elected officials and leaders are committed to elevating Beaumont’s economic trajectory through collaboration.
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Case Study: Arlington, Texas

Arlington, Texas, hired AE looking for a change. For years, it was a suburban region with few characteristics to differentiate it from the many other small cities in the shadow of the Dallas / Fort Worth.
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Case Study: State of Delaware

The Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO) began its strategic planning process in July 2010 with the intention of changing the foundation of economic development in the State of Delaware.
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Case Study: Round Rock, Texas
The firm assisted the City of Round Rock in creating a new marketing message and image aimed at increasing international awareness of the city.
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Case Studies in Economic Impact Studies & Analysis

Case Study: Lollapalooza 2023 Music Festival

The Lollapalooza 2023 project showcased a significant economic boost for Chicago, with a $98 million increase over the previous year, reaching $434 million.
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Case Study: Kemmerer and Diamondville, Wyoming

The economic development project in Kemmerer and Diamondville, Wyoming, represented a concerted effort to attract new businesses and stimulate growth in Southwest Lincoln County.
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Case Study: National Entrepreneur Center
The National Entrepreneur Center (NEC) in Orlando, FL was founded in 2003 as a way to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and the organizations that provide entrepreneurial services. While the NEC does not offer services to entrepreneurs or small businesses, it facilitates the organizations that do.
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Case Study: University of Texas Athletics
Texas Athletics is a major economic contributor to Austin and the state of Texas. Texas Athletics manages 20 intercollegiate sports teams, approximately 200 home events per year, and more than 500 student-athletes. The department employs approximately 350 people with a median salary of $53,864.
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Case Study: Bathroom Bill Economic Study

The Texas legislature introduced two separate “bathroom bills” that would require individuals to use the public restroom or changing facility that corresponded to the sex on one’s birth certificate. We studied the potential economic impact of business departures prompted by the legislation.
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Case Study: Texas Association of Realtors, Tax Cuts & Jobs Act Economic Impact Study

Two different public policy changes, on tax cuts and jobs, would affect Texas taxpayers. We helped the Texas Association of Realtors understand the potential impact of two bills with potentially positive impact on the average taxpayer.
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Case Study: Governors Ball Music Festival

The Governors Ball Music Festival is a multi-day music festival held on Randall’s Island in New York City that generates a sizeable economic impact to New York City. AngelouEconomics produced a comprehensive economic impact study of the event and its operations.
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Case Study: Sterling Acura

Sterling Acura hired AngelouEconomics to examine the feasibility of a new Honda dealership franchise in Leander, Texas. We investigated local demographics, local competitors, local auto industry, and community support for the proposed dealership.
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Case Studies in Site Selection

Case Study: Lancium Technologies

Lancium Technology, in partnership with AngelouEconomics, embarked on a pioneering project to establish a network of data centers powered by renewable energy in West Texas.
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Case Study: Citgo Petroleum

AngelouEconomics was engaged by CITGO to assist the CITGO Petroleum project team in the evaluation of Texas for its corporate headquarters and new refinery investments. The firm performed an economic impact study of the headquarters and manufacturing projects, and assisted CITGO with its incentives negotiations.
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Case Study: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) has been a notable Austin employer for decades. Located in downtown Austin, the company has employed more than 200 people and is one of the city’s more respected employers.
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Case Study: Conoco Phillips

AngelouEconomics was engaged by Conoco Philips to conduct a site location analysis for the development of a global technology and corporate learning center. The center will serve as the company’s hub for research and development.
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AngelouEconomics helped me define New Mexico’s industry clusters but then went many steps further with a marketing plan, contact lists and assistance in setting up strategic meetings. All in all, an impressive effort. AngelouEconomics is a well-rounded firm that excels in strategic development ranging from marketing plans and cluster analyses to economic impact reports for recruitment.

Rick Homans
President/CEO Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation
Former Cabinet Secretary of Economic Development, State of New Mexico