Case Study: Beaumont 2024 Economic Strategy

The Beaumont 2024 Economic Development Strategy reflects the community’s potential and resilience. Elected officials and leaders are committed to elevating Beaumont’s economic trajectory through collaboration. This strategy, born from stakeholder engagement and analysis, aims to achieve economic milestones like job creation. Leveraging Beaumont’s strategic location, industrial base, and dedicated workforce, the plan sets a path for sustained growth.

AngelouEconomics collaborates with Beaumont to refine its economic development strategy, aligning target industry strategies with community priorities. The strategy begins with a deep dive into Beaumont’s evolution through roundtable focus groups, revealing a vibrant and innovative community committed to success.

With a clear vision focused on economic prosperity and diversification, Beaumont aims to prioritize development projects and economic tools. This strategy, a product of extensive community engagement, outlines a comprehensive approach spanning stakeholder involvement, market assessment, target industry analysis, and strategic recommendations. It underscores the imperative for continued collaboration among stakeholders to realize Beaumont’s economic potential and foster a thriving, sustainable economy.

Case Studies in Economic Strategy & Development

Case Study: Arlington, Texas

Arlington, Texas, hired AE looking for a change. For years, it was a suburban region with few characteristics to differentiate it from the many other small cities in the shadow of the Dallas / Fort Worth.

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Case Study: State of Delaware

The Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO) began its strategic planning process in July 2010 with the intention of changing the foundation of economic development in the State of Delaware. Concerned with maintaining the economic health of the state, DEDO engaged AngelouEconomics and Development Counsellors International to identify appropriate strategies to enhance Delaware’s economy and position it for the future through the creation of an Economic Development Strategic Plan.

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AngelouEconomics helped me define New Mexico’s industry clusters but then went many steps further with a marketing plan, contact lists and assistance is setting up strategic meetings. All in all, an impressive effort. AngelouEconomics is a well-rounded firm that excels in strategic development ranging from marketing plans and cluster analyses to economic impact reports for recruitment.

Rick Homans
President/CEO Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation
Former Cabinet Secretary of Economic Development, State of New Mexico