Case Study: Kemmerer and Diamondville, Wyoming

The economic development project in Kemmerer and Diamondville, Wyoming, represented a concerted effort to attract new businesses and stimulate growth in Southwest Lincoln County. This initiative aimed to capitalize on the region’s potential as an ideal site for manufacturing and warehousing operations, leveraging its strategic location, infrastructure, and community assets.

AngelouEconomics played a crucial role in facilitating this project by conducting comprehensive analyses and providing strategic guidance. One of AE’s key contributions was the meticulous analysis of Kemmerer and Diamondville advantages compared to competing states, evaluating transportation assets, infrastructure, workforce availability, and quality of life factors to identify opportunities for economic growth and development.

Additionally, AngelouEconomics devised tailored development scenarios, highlighting the region’s strengths and opportunities, and providing valuable guidance for strategic decision-making. They also facilitated collaboration among local partners, fostering a coordinated approach to promoting economic interests. Through their expertise, AE played a vital role in attracting new businesses, fostering job creation, and enhancing Kemmerer and Diamondville’s competitiveness in the economic landscape.

Case Studies in Economic Strategy & Development

Case Study: National Entrepreneur Center

The National Entrepreneur Center (NEC) in Orlando, FL was founded in 2003 as a way to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and the organizations that provide services to entrepreneurs. While the NEC does not offer services to entrepreneurs or small businesses, it facilitates the organizations that do.

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Case Study: Bathroom Bill Economic Impact Study

The Texas legislature introduced two separate “bathroom bills” that would require individuals to use the public restroom or changing facility that corresponded to the sex on one’s birth certificate. We studied the potential economic impact of business departures prompted by the legislation.

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AngelouEconomics helped me define New Mexico’s industry clusters but then went many steps further with a marketing plan, contact lists and assistance is setting up strategic meetings. All in all, an impressive effort. AngelouEconomics is a well-rounded firm that excels in strategic development ranging from marketing plans and cluster analyses to economic impact reports for recruitment.

Rick Homans
President/CEO Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation
Former Cabinet Secretary of Economic Development, State of New Mexico