AngelouEconomics is happy to introduce the June Economic Report for the Austin MSA. Over the past 29 years, AngelouEconomics has executed over 1,000 projects, collaborating with major corporations, towns, cities, regions, states, and countries to develop visions, strategies, and implementation plans to advance regional growth and prosperity.

The Austin MSA’s population is approaching 2.5 million in 2024, reflecting significant growth from the 2023 estimate of 2,473,275. This increase includes a substantial net migration of 33,412 people in 2023, comprising both domestic and international movers. This youthful, highly educated population fuels a strong workforce, attracting businesses and fostering economic competitiveness across various industries.

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The Wall Street Journal recently ranked Greater New Orleans as the fastest improving economy in the USA. It was the analysis and strategy development from AngelouEconomics that created the road map for this remarkable journey of recovery.

Michael Hecht
President & CEO, Greater New Orleans, Inc.