Bartlesville, Oklahoma, is a dynamic region of approximately 50,000 that enjoys a rich and diverse heritage built by the oil industry. The birthplace of Phillips Petroleum Company and home to Frank Lloyd Wright’s only skyscraper, Bartlesville possesses a small-town atmosphere combined with the cultural amenities of a much larger town.

The Bartlesville Development Corporation hired AngelouEconomics in 2005 to lead a Globally Competitive Community Economic Development Strategic Planning Process. The resulting strategic plan provided a blueprint for the area to address its limitations in meeting the requirements of a “globally competitive community” and outlined strategies to attract five new target industries and build an entrepreneurial culture within the community.

The Bartlesville community was fully engaged in the process and over 1,300 businesses and residents took part in the online surveys, the highest participation percentage AE has seen in any community. Over 300 persons attended the rollout event, including state representatives, mayors of four Oklahoma cities, and leaders of 12 Chambers of Commerce.

Since the unveiling of the plan in April 2006, Bartlesville has announced that ConocoPhillips plans to increase the number of jobs relocating from Houston to Bartlesville from 500 to 750. The school system has also announced plans to use AE’s plan as a “launching pad for involving the community” in developing a new strategic plan aimed at creating a “world-class” school system.  In 2007, based on recommendations from our plan to develop a regional brand, Bartlesville adopted a new brand and slogan, “Bartlesville: It’s Time for Living.”  Additionally, YPBartlesville, the city’s first young professionals group, has been formed and is realizing significant success in raising the profile of young professionals within the community.