In 2004 AngelouEconomics was retained by the City of Beatrice and Gage County, Nebraska, to develop an economic development strategic plan for the county. Beatrice, a rural community located 37-miles south of Lincoln, has largely been a manufacturing and agricultural community. A number of new facilities have invested in Gage County over the last decade, but community leaders realized that it was time to diversify the economy and attract new industry that would have a higher impact on residents. AE’s plan served  as a roadmap to target high growth industries while maintaining the character of the community. Beatrice and Gage County received an organizational structure for economic development, a mission and vision statement, a profile of target industries, and a new logo with a tag line to use while promoting the county to local and prospective businesses.


Since the unveiling of the plan in 2004, Gage County has been selected as the future site of a $92 million ethanol facility by E Energy Adams that will use 18 to 20 million bushels of corn and produce 50 million gallons of ethanol annually. E Energy Adams will provide a great opportunity for rural job growth as well as creating alternative markets for agriculture producers in Gage County. Beatrice Biodiesel, LLC has also announced its intent to construct a 50 million gallon biodiesel facility in the Beatrice Industrial Park. The facility will utilize soybean oil to produce B100, a pure form of biodiesel.