Upon completion of a sweeping effort to consolidate and coordinate economic development initiatives among communities within the Santa Clarita Valley region of Southern California through the establishment of a regional economic development organization, AngelouEconomics was hired to provide the new organization a complete picture of the regional economy, weakness and opportunities in the market and to identify appropriate industry targets that fit the region’s goals and characteristics.

The team from AngelouEconomics worked with regional partners to develop a clear and comprehensive understanding of the economy within Santa Clarita Valley and assisted in establishing a path forward for the newly-developed organization’s economic development activities which centered on the support, attraction and expansion of several clearly-defined industry clusters.

Immediately upon delivery of this Market Assessment and Target Industry Analysis, AngelouEconomics was rehired to complete an economic development-focused Marketing Strategy for the Santa Clarita Valley. This strategy offered a wide set of specific objectives, initiatives and performance metrics designed to lead the region forward in its effort to establish a well-articulated economic development platform for the Santa Clarita Valley.

  • Market Assessment and SWOT Analysis
  • Target Industry Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy