23 Greek Startups Chasing “the American Dream” in Austin, Texas

By July 31, 2015Blog
International Accelerator

Translated from:  lifo.gr

This year at SXSW featured more than 23 participating Greek startup companies, gathering in Austin to test ideas and products in the international arena, seek investors and partnerships, and most importantly, network  with other technology companies also chasing “the American dream”. The 23 Greek startups at SXSW are supported by the Hellenic Initiative, the International Accelerator and Angelos Angelou, founder of Angelou Economics. Angelou came to the US as a student in the late 1970s, lending him the knowledge of the difficulties of starting up in a new country and the support structure a non-American young business man or woman needs. Among the startups companies found this year at SXSW are Horizon, Eventora Connect, Clio Muse, Bluperty, Goodvidio, Respi, Gamifico, Incelligent, Nimbata, e-Satisfaction, NestCargo, isMood, SourceLair, Collegelink, Gridmatestape.ly and Soundyarn. Many start-up companies in the field of digital entrepreneurship have already managed to make significant strides, but further development beyond the initial stages involve seeking knowledge, resources and networking, which is where SXSW Interactive has become the ideal setting for these ambitious goals.

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