NFL Team Between Austin and San Antonio?

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How would you like to see the NFL team in your region? It could be a great way to bring in new business and increase tourism. A recent study estimated the economic benefits of having an NFL team in the region. Let’s take a look at what they found.

What an NFL Team Would Mean to the Local Economy

If the NFL team is placed in between Austin and San Antonio, it would be a great opportunity for the two cities to work together and share in the benefits. For San Antonio, this would mean an increase in tourism and job opportunities. The city’s television market is profitable, and it has a population of 1.5 million people. This means that there is a potential for a large fan base for the NFL team. Austin is the 11th largest city in the United States and is the capital of Texas. It is home to the University of Texas at Austin, which has a strong football program. The city also has a strong economy, with a Gross Metropolitan Product of $86 billion. This makes Austin a desirable location for an NFL team.

The two cities are about an hour’s drive from each other, which would make it convenient for fans to attend games. The NFL team would also bring in revenue from ticket sales, merchandise, and concessions. This would be a boost to the local economy and would create jobs.

The Estimated Economic Impact on Job Creation

The NFL is a major economic engine, creating jobs and economic activity in the areas where their teams are located. In fact, a study of the Buffalo Bills found that the team contributed more than $1 billion to the regional economy between 2009 and 2013. And while the league as a whole generates $13 billion in economic activity each year, that number is expected to rise to $25 billion by 2027.

The presence of an NFL team also has a ripple effect on the surrounding community, with businesses seeing an increase in revenue and jobs being created in the construction, retail, and hospitality industries, to name a few. In fact, it is estimated that the Super Bowl alone generates more than $500 million in economic activity.

So, what does this all mean for the region that is home to an NFL team?

In short, it means more jobs and economic activity. And while the exact numbers can vary from team to team and region to region, there is no doubt that the NFL is a major economic driver.

And this isn’t just limited to the team’s hometown. When the Super Bowl is hosted in a region, it brings an influx of high-income visitors who spend money on hotels, restaurants, transportation, and other locally-owned businesses. In fact, the average income of a Super Bowl attendee is more than $600 per day.

So it’s clear that having an NFL team in your region can have a major impact on job creation and economic growth.

How Would It Affect the Housing Market?

If the NFL were to place a team in the region, it would be a huge boon for the housing market. The metropolitan area between Austin and San Antonio is large and growing, and having an NFL team in the mix would only add to its appeal.

Homes near the stadium would likely see a significant increase in value, as would homes located in the general vicinity of the stadium. Moreover, if the NFL were to place a team in this region, it would only add to the tremendous growth that we are already experiencing.

The NFL is a huge source of revenue, and having a team in the region would only add to that. In addition, the NFL is a huge source of jobs, both in terms of those who work for the team and those who work in the businesses that support the team.

The bottom line is that having an NFL team in the region would be a huge economic boost, and it would have a positive impact on the housing market.

Potential Impact on Local Businesses

Having an NFL team located between Austin and San Antonio could prove to be quite beneficial for the local economy. Austin scored a top score of 100 in terms of capacity to support an NFL team, while San Antonio is the 7th largest city in the nation and Austin is not far away. In addition, San Antonio is a profitable revenue-producing television market.

As such, having an NFL team located could provide economic benefits to the region through increased tourism, job creation, and increased tax base as well as other associated business activities. It could be estimated that local businesses would benefit through increased spending at coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, and stores associated with increased tourism and job growth. Additionally, small businesses directly related to the football organization such as team apparel or sports memorabilia shops would see added benefits of purchasing locally. Finally, having an NFL team nearby can give local citizens a sense of pride resulting from being associated with a professional sports franchise.

The Effect on Tourism and Regional Visibility

Say you’re an NFL fan living in Texas. Before, your closest team would be the Dallas Cowboys or Houston Texans. But now, if an NFL team were to move to Austin or San Antonio, you would have more options in choosing a team that resonates with you and this could be a game-changer for regional tourism. Not only would there be an influx of fans from other states coming to support their teams, but there’s also the potential for travelers who aren’t necessarily sports fans but want to experience the culture that comes with having a major league sports team in the area.

Additionally, hosting a major league sports team could lead to increased attendance at other events, such as concerts and conferences. Plus, local businesses can benefit from tourists who come to the area who may choose to stay and spend money in their city. And finally, having an NFL or MLB team in Austin or San Antonio could lead to increased visibility on the national stage – giving locals more opportunities for networking with prominent figures from around the country.

Overall, adding an NFL or MLB team between Austin and San Antonio could potentially pay dividends for years to come by positively impacting tourism and engagement which, over time, could bring more people and revenue into the region.

How a Potential NFL Team Could Change a Region

Having an NFL team in the region could bring about huge economic benefits. These teams typically produce millions of dollars in taxes and fees for their host city, which can be used to pay for things like infrastructure repairs and improvements. And this is before you even get to the spinoff economic benefits of hotels, restaurants, venues, vendors, etc., that all tend to pop up around a sports team.

And it’s not just the money that could benefit both cities. Locally-owned businesses in the San Antonio or Austin metro areas would have an easier time competing with larger corporate chains, as they’d be able to benefit from increased attention thanks to a potential NFL team.

Finally, both cities would benefit from increased tourism as soon as an NFL team arrived in the area not just on game days but throughout the entire season. This means more people staying at hotels and patronizing local businesses throughout the year. It could be a real boon for the local economy and quality of life!


The study found that an NFL team would have a positive economic impact on the region, including:

-An increase in employment

-An increase in wages

-An increase in tax revenue

-An increase in tourism

The study also found that an NFL team would have a positive impact on the region’s quality of life, including:

-An increase in civic pride

-An increase in social cohesion

-An increase in sports-related youth activities

In the end, the positive economic impact of an NFL team would be felt most strongly in the city where the team is located

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