Graphene based supercapacitor energy storage

By October 18, 2013Blog
Graphene Paper

In keeping with some of our earlier observations on the economic potential of the graphene based technologies, todays post is in relation to a new and novel energy storage application. The advent of supercapacitors is nothing new. The use of a high power density capacitor to give you a zap of energy. The issue has always been that the duration of the zap, the amount of energy it could store, was rather underwhelming. Well recent advances in some rather low tech approaches to manufacture are offering some very promising results. In fact, with a recent revelation out of Australia, as well as another announcement from UCLA, there appear to be some manufacuring approaches that will not only allow production on a commercially viable scale, but will also have the energy density needed for applications in electric vehicles, consumer electronics, and even grid storage for renewable energy projects.


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