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Each semester, AE hires at least two interns or as we like to call them ‘associates’ to provide students with direct experience in the field of economic development as well gain knowledge of working in a professional, team environment. Our associates work directly with our Project Managers and staff to complete projects through various tasks, including data collection, best practice research, and data analysis. This summer we have had the pleasure of working with Rachael Davari, Jack Tiebout, Annie Stocklin & Anna King. Below is a short biography for each of our associates to give you a better understanding of their background, and reason for joining our team.

Rachael Davari recently joined the AE team as our Marketing and Business Development Associate; she is the second intern to fill this position. Rachael has a bachelor’s of business administration degree in entrepreneurship from the Bill Munday School of Business at St. Edward’s University, where she made Dean’s List and graduated Cum Laude. She chose to intern with AE because she found that her passion of facilitating entrepreneurial growth correlated with the values of AE. She explained that “the work done at AE is both impactful and meaningful to the city of Austin and I just wanted to be able to say that I was a part of that.”

Fun Facts about Rachael:

  • Her favorite show to watch on Netflix is The Office.
  • She loves dogs, hiking, and Pilates.
  • She considers herself a ‘foodie’. One of her favorite weekend pastimes is trying new restaurants around Austin. Her favorite types of food are Vietnamese, Japanese and Persian.

Jack Tiebout has been a part of our team since February of 2015, working as a Research Associate. Jack helps with economic development research and writing strategic plans for cities. Jack explained that he wanted to gain a real world perspective of the industry. He also came looking for context to what he is learning in his courses. Jack is currently finishing up his master’s in Community & Regional Planning at the University of Texas in Austin.  Jack has lived all over the United States. He’s originally from New York, where he lived just outside of the city. In high school, he moved to Wisconsin, which is where he considers home. For his undergraduate studies, Jack attended Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana where he double-majored in English and Psychology and minored in Philosophy.

Fun Facts about Jack:

  • During Jack’s senior year, he researched urban agriculture in Detroit, Michigan which sparked his interest in urban farming.
  • Jack was the sole reporter for two papers in Louisiana.
  • He has worked at 8 restaurants. He loves food and hopes to combine this interest with his career. His favorite show to watch on Netflix is Chef’s Table and his favorite food is ramen.
  • On the weekends, Jack likes to brew his own beer and take his dog to the park.
  • Jack is related to Tim Tebow.

Annie Stocklin recently joined the Angelou Economics team as a Research Associate to assist with our Economic Development research. Annie saw AE’s variety of projects and clients as an opportunity to gain real world experience and learn about economic development in practice as opposed to inside a classroom.  Annie double majored in Economics and Anthropology at the University of Georgia. She is currently pursuing a masters in City & Regional Planning at the University of Texas at Austin.

Fun Facts about Annie:

  • Her favorite way to spend the weekend is either reading, biking, or doing yoga.
  • Her favorite food is pumpkin pie. 
  • Before AE, Annie worked at youth non-profits. After graduation, she wants to do youth advocacy work & work for education equity issues. 

Anna King joined our team this summer as an Economic Development Research Associate. She was born in Richardson, Texas but has also lived in Georgia, Colorado, and Oregon. Anna received her Bachelor’s degree from Oregon State, where she studied Economics.  She is currently pursuing an MBA at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. Anna told us that she wanted to join AE because “I knew it was a well-respected economic development consulting firm in the area and I wanted to get a different part of the country’s take on the private and public sector.” She explained that her goal is to learn from research sectors and tools which are applicable to development issues in all sectors. Anna’s goal is to either lobby or become an economic development professional. She explained that if she could somehow combine these two goals of hers, that that would be ideal. 

Fun Facts about Anna:

  • Her favorite show is Supernatural.
  • Anna’s hobbies include photography and country western dancing. 

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