Team Building: Amazing Race Style

By June 18, 2012Blog
Teambuilding Image

We work in an environment where we practice constant collaboration and team work. So, when we came across an opportunity for an interesting group excursion, we jumped at the chance. What doesn’t sound exciting about an Amazing Race inspired scavenger hunt around our great city of Austin?

Four amongst a crowd of over 125, we darted across town solving clues and puzzles, each inching us closer to the finish line and hopefully with the fastest time. So what did this include? On a warm Saturday afternoon, with our iPhone cameras in hand, we documented our missions of spotting a Tom Selleck look-alike, finding the bike shop owned by the seven-time Tour de France winning local, Tebowing with the Texas Eagle, and even practicing our best Ado Mukha Svanasanas (downward dog), to name a few. Did we look a little weird? Of course! Did we have a lot of fun? Absolutely!

While we may not have dominated with a record breaking first place finish, hidden in our dash around ATX was a valuable team-building exercise where we worked together to solve clues and reach various checkpoints, while having a few laughs along the way. And let’s not discount the value of the post-race refreshments after running around in 90 degree weather for a couple of hours.

Next on the list? A mud-crawling, fire-leaping, extreme obstacle course race! Stay tuned for the results. 

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